What is a Zentangle Anyway?

Get into the spirit, Zentangles are quite simple and enjoyable and you need not even be an artist.

Zentangles are the brain child of Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Visit their website at http://www.zentangle.com. There is a wealth of tried and true knowledge to be found there.

Your first glimpse, at one and your reaction is, ‘This is so intricate, it must be complicated. However, when you see how it’s created, you see how simple and basic it really is. Using simple pen strokes, known as ‘tangles’ (a repetitive pattern) are created in random spaces as the image begins to transform and develop. This makes them a great writing exercise for all artists and lettering artists in particular. Zentangles improves focus and dexterity as it increases pen control in a non-traditional way. When a person begins a zentangle they are able to create a beautiful piece of artwork within minutes. The act of repetitive strokes will take your focus and put you into a meditative space, giving way to fresh thoughts, ideas and perspectives and stimulating your creativity, while relaxing you. Unlike most art, where you must plan color, composition, textures and lighting , zentangling requires no plans because you will not know what your Zentangle will look like until it is finished. This art form requires only paper, pencil and pen to make it happen. Once you know the basic principals, you will undoubtedly expand on the steps and instructions in new and exciting ways. Because you’re always are creating a pattern, there are no mistakes. Often times, what appears to be a mistake are actually seeds being planted for new patterns and creative directions you might have missed along the way.

There is no wrong or right, no rules and no constraints like doing a Sudoku or crossword puzzle. There are no failures doing Zentangles! This is because it is a revitalizing moment, when you discover that you can achieve a never-ending, ever-changing solution. It is easily portable. When your stuck and bored at appointments to the Doctor, the DMV or whatever, just grab a pen and paper and let it fly. Since discovering Zentangles, I look at the world with new eyes. People use all sorts of creative objects to make Zentangles. I see patterns, textures everywhere. Bubbles on the soap bar, the wood grain on the back of a door, a weaving in a chair, even the fur on my Cock-a-Poo!


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